About Me

heidi_nestlerHeidi Nestler has been interested in food and food politics since she was a child. After much travel and exploration of different diets she stumbled upon Nourishing Traditions and the Weston A. Price Foundation while still a young mother. She has been following the principles of Nourishing Traditions for ten plus years and trained with Monica Corrado to learn to teach traditional food ways.

Heidi also lived in Japan for many years where she immersed herself in all aspects of Japanese cooking- from the rustic countryside dishes of her husband’s hometown in Kyushu to kaiseki cuisine in Kyoto. Heidi’s background in teaching and her passion for community have led to her present path of sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm for real food.




Heidi Nestler was recently featured in OPB?s Arts & Life page.

Original source: http://www.opb.org/artsandlife/article/cook-it-at-home-natto-okonomiyaki/

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